Calm down, dear, it's only insurance

Many SMEs are not carrying out simple insurance and maintenance checks on personal cars being used for work-related trips. One out of every 10 employees in a small to medium-sized business (SME) is driving an uninsured car when on business trips. Six out of 10 employees (63%) said that they often drive their personal car for work, but one out of those six admitted that they have never told their insurance companies that they use their own car for this purpose.

One in five employees admitted that they only had the oil and tyre pressures checked when their car was serviced. And 7% confessed they did not know how often or whether their car was actually checked at all.

This also highlights the problems that companies face in meeting their legal responsibility to ensure employees are safe behind the wheel.

If there is an accident during a work trip and an employee or his or her vehicle is at fault, the company could face massive fines, appalling publicity and even prosecution for corporate manslaughter. The driver could also face criminal prosecution for not having the correct insurance cover.

Brice Adamson, UK and Ireland managing director at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, comments: 'SMEs have enough on their plate without having to deal with health and safety dilemmas that were avoidable in the first place.'

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