Called to account

Tax / Fast food boss banned for accounting failure

The director of a Walsall takeaway has been disqualified by the courts for seven years after the Insolvency Service found he had failed to maintain accounting records 

Insight / Property pair jailed for £1m tax fraud

Two men who bought and sold over 50 properties but failed to pay nearly £1m in tax, have been jailed for more than eight years following an HMRC investigation.

Insight / Accountant fined for pension enrolment failure

A former accountant accused of misleading The Pensions Regulator (TPR) after he failed to enrol a client’s staff into a pension has been ordered to pay £4,987

Insight / Charity pair in doghouse over accounting failures

The charity watchdog has disqualified a married couple who were former trustees of a dog charity for serious misconduct, which meant over £300,000 in donations was unaccounted for

Tax / Global anti-money laundering fines top £6bn

A record number of anti-money laundering (AML) penalties were handed down worldwide last year, totalling over $8bn (£6.2bn), with the US authorities taking the lead, imposing twice as many fines as UK regulators

Insight / £300k VAT fraud puts farmer in jail

A Wiltshire farmer has been jailed for three years and five months for a £300,000 fraud involving false VAT claims for farming supplies

Tax / Steakhouse boss gets the chop over tax

The boss of a Hampshire steakhouse has been banned from running companies for six years after submitting inaccurate information to the tax authorities for several years, following an Insolvency Service investigation

Insight / Trustees struck off over £320k theft of funds

Founding trustees of Jole Rider Friends have been disqualified after they paid themselves almost a quarter of funds raised by their charity

Insight / Director jailed over fake grant claims

An IT company director who submitted false invoices to government claiming to have supported businesses has received a two-year jail term and been disqualified for eight years

Insight / Bankrupt who ran payroll company disqualified

A bankrupt from Birmingham who ran a payroll company despite being banned has been disqualified for nine years

Insight / Recruitment agency’s £11k fine over pension failings

A recruitment agency and its managing director have been ordered to pay £10,890 for avoiding their automatic enrolment duties and misleading the Pensions Regulator (TPR) by falsely claiming staff had been put into a workplace pension

Insight / Senior civil servant embezzled £1.7m out of MoJ

A senior civil servant has been sentenced to three and a half years in jail after he stole more than £1.7m from the Ministry of Justice

Insight / Restaurant bosses disqualified over £810k tax failures

Three restaurant bosses have been disqualified for a total of 18 years after submitting inaccurate tax returns

Insight / Called to account: best of 2019

Accountancy Daily brings you a selection of cases involving members of the accounting profession – and a few others – who did not escape the long arm of the law during 2019

Insight / Tax defaulters owe £22m after 30% increase

HMRC’s latest list of major tax defaulters owing £22m in unpaid tax, a 30% increase on last quarters £13m in September, the list was topped by an Internet sales company owing nearly £3m and an online advertising owing £820k, with solicitors, IT consultants and a bookkeeper also featuring