Called to account

Insight / Called to account: December 2020

In this month’s scandals, convictions and penalties, accountant jailed over stealing from their employer, tobacco smuggler imprisoned for unpaid duty on two million cigarettes, and recycling director banned over failed tax payments

Insight / Nightclub owners face the music over £195k tax owing

The failure to submit accounting records and pay thousands of pounds worth of tax has seen two Lancashire nightclub owners given seven-year directorship disqualifications

Insight / Three men jailed for bogus £29.5m R&D tax relief claim

Three men involved in a fraudulent £29.5m claim for research and development (R&D) tax relief on a bogus IT project have been jailed for a total of 21 years

Insight / Recycling director failed to hand over £1.2m tax

A director who bought unwanted items from charity shops for re-sale has been banned for six years after failing to pay almost £1.2m in taxes due on the company’s operations

Insight / Undischarged bankrupt banned as director

A husband and wife have been disqualified as directors for 16 years after their distribution firm’s insolvency exposed that banned bankrupt was managing company

Insight / Restaurant boss served with ban over £130k tax bill

The boss of a Sunderland restaurant has been disqualified from running companies for seven years after failing to pay £130,000 in tax

Insight / Property developer jailed over £91K diverted funds

A London property developer has been jailed for 27 months after diverting £91,000 of customer payments to his personal account and falsifying documents from the tax authorities

Insight / Accountant jailed for £188k fraud

An accountant from Hertfordshire has been jailed for fraud after pleading guilty to stealing over £188,000 from his employer

Insight / HMRC burns runaway tobacco smuggler for £900k unpaid VAT

A Buckinghamshire man has been jailed for six years after he illegally imported more than two million cigarettes, stole hundreds of thousands of pounds in VAT and then fled the country to escape punishment

Insight / Ex-BHS owner Chappell jailed for £584k tax evasion

Dominic Chappell, the entrepreneur who bought BHS for £1 in 2015, has been found guilty of evading tax of £584,000 and jailed for six years

Insight / Called to account: November 2020

In this month’s scandals, convictions and penalties, forex trading duo banned over mis-used millions from client cash, US oil data company charged over five-year multimillion accounting fraud, and director disqualified over failure to legitimise payments

Insight / HMRC announces coronavirus fraud arrests

Arrests have been made over alleged fraud related to coronavirus support schemes, as HMRC ramps up enforcement action against possible abuse of funding targeted to help businesses throughout the pandemic

Insight / Accountant ordered to repay £292K fraud

An accountant convicted of defrauding a company pension scheme of £292,000 has been ordered to repay the money

Insight / Ban for payroll company director over unaccounted £2.7m

The director of a payroll services company has been disqualified after failing to explain the true nature of £2.7m of payments made over a two-month period

Insight / Electrical engineering duo's repeat offences spark ban

A father and son team who ran an electrical installations company have banned for a total of 26 years after the pair breached previous disqualifications, and failed to meet accounting obligations