Insight / Brexit deal proposals prompt Cabinet resignations

A proposed agreement between the UK and the EU, including single market access for Northern Ireland and a five-year post-transition commitment to VAT, has prompted resignations from Cabinet ministers Esther McVey and Dominic Raab

Accounting / Government amends accounting rules in Companies Act for post-Brexit

The government has issued draft legislation to amend the filing exemptions for companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) ahead of the UK leaving the EU, but refers to 'exit day'

Tax / Brexit, VAT and distance sellers

The lack of certainty on Brexit, far less the customs union, is leaving companies in a state of limbo. Nicholas Hallam, CEO of Accordance VAT considers the future VAT compliance options for distance sellers

Tax / ‘Cracks showing’ in HMRC performance under Brexit pressures

MPs are warning 'cracks are showing' as HMRC seeks to manage a ‘daunting’ workload in advance of Brexit, with mounting concerns about the possible impact of delays introducing its new customs system on businesses adapting to a new VAT regime

Insight / Charities: reducing the impact of Brexit - part 4

Helena Wilkinson FCA, partner at Price Bailey, considers the potential impact of Brexit on charities and what they can do to minimise the effects of a political situation which has great significance for charities that operate internationally

Insight / Economic trends: impact of US-China trade war on UK exports

Martin Beck, senior economist at Oxford Economics, considers how a slowdown in US and Chinese economic growth caused by a trade war would affect the UK, and whether the current trade deficit means the domestic market is insulated from the risks

Accounting / Marshall: accounting year ends and disclosure pre-Brexit

Andrew Marshall, senior technical partner at KPMG, looks at what impacts Brexit will have on the numbers and disclosures in companies’ 2018 year end financial statements

Tax / NAO identifies compliance risk in post-Brexit border planning

The National Audit Office (NAO) is warning that ongoing political uncertainty around Brexit and delays in negotiations has hampered planning for how the UK will manage its borders once it leaves the EU

Tax / Government invests in no-deal Brexit customs support

The Treasury and HMRC are to plough £8m into a package of measures to support the customs intermediaries sector in preparing for potential capacity challenges with staff training and automation in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit next year

Insight / CBI warns Brexit uncertainty hitting investment

Eight out of ten firms say Brexit has had a negative effect on investment decisions, up from 36% a year ago, according to updated research from the CBI which shows that companies are implementing plans to reduce the potential impact

Insight / Top five crucial skills for the CFO of the future

With businesses embracing big data, new tech and digital media, the role of traditional CFO is evolving from financial expert to strategic partner, data analyst, talent curator and more. James Booth, chief financial officer at Instant Offices explains what this new era of the multidiscipline strategist means

Tax / Oury: stock availability and imports in the event of no-deal Brexit

Andrew Oury, partner at Oury Clark, takes a wry look at the potential impact of a no deal Brexit on imports and stock availability in a just-in-time supply chain

Insight / Guidance on professional qualification recognition under ‘no deal’ Brexit

The government has published guidance on the recognition of professional qualifications in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, along with advice on the implications for businesses which provide services

Insight / Businesses report post-Brexit confidence dip

With six months to go until the Brexit deadline, business preparedness has hardly changed from December 2017 while levels of confidence in future turnover and employee growth have dipped, according to research from FTI consulting

Accounting / Changes to accounting and audit rules in the event of no-deal Brexit

The government has published guidance outlining changes to audit, accounting and company reporting rules in the event that the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 with no agreement in place, to allow the sector to ‘make informed plans and preparations’