Book a place on our HMRC R&D enquiry webinar

Find out more about how to deal with an HMRC enquiry at our webinar hosted by expert speaker Mark Doodney on 13 December

The webinar on dealing with research and development (R&D) enquiries will be held at 2pm on Tuesday 13 December.

HMRC has recently taken a tough line with claimants whom they consider have acted fraudulently in making invalid claims for R&D tax relief.

Croner-i tax expert Mark Doodney will discuss what to expect when HMRC launches an enquiry into these claims and provide valuable insight on how to deal effectively with HMRC’s queries.

If you are a tax agent or accountant who has been asked to defend R&D claims then this is ideal for you!

Key learning points: 

•            understanding the driver of the current HMRC regulations;

•            the essential strategies to ensure your claim is protected; and 

•            the key things you should avoid when making your R&D claim.

To book a place on the Croner-i webinar at 2pm on Tuesday 13 December, click here

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