Anne-Marie Winton

Anne-Marie Winton

Anne-Marie Winton is a partner at ARC Pensions Law LLP and has many years of experience as a trustee adviser, dealing with day-to-day issues for all sizes of occupational schemes, and also specialises in advising UK and non-UK employers and groups facing challenging situations. Recent work includes successfully seeking Pensions Regulator and Pension Protection Fund (PPF) approval to a regulated apportionment arrangement and managing covenant and hostile funding negotiations (often working closely with forensic accountants). She has also on several occasions been appointed as an additional legal adviser for trustees facing difficulties such as a distressed restructuring, proposed pre-pack or corporate sale.

As a pensions lawyer since the mid-1990s, Winton was originally at Biddle, before becoming a partner at Pinsent Masons and then Nabarro LLP. She is also chair of the Association of Pension Lawyers’ education and seminars committee, and a member of the risk & audit committee of the Pensions Management Institute.

Accounting / Winton: use and abuse of pre-packs to drop pension liabilities

Anne-Marie Winton, partner at ARC Pensions Law LLP, examines the pre-pack administration of publisher Johnston Press, which involved the abandoning of £109m in pension liabilities, and asks whether regulators should have greater control of this practice 

Insight / Winton: picking up the pensions pieces after Carillion

The Pension Regulator (TPR) has done too little, too late to reduce the risks to Carillion’s pension schemes. Anne-Marie Winton, partner at ARC Pensions Law, considers what powers TPR needs to be given, such as being able to enforce retrospective fines, to better protect pension schemes in the future

Insight / Winton: balancing the needs of defined benefit pension stakeholders

Defined benefit pension schemes are at risk as funds are ransacked by companies, covenants are breached and trustees appear to have few powers. Anne-Marie Winton, partner at ARC Pensions Law LLP, considers the issue in light of the Carillion collapse

Accounting / Winton: closing defined benefit pension scheme at BA highlights liabilities

British Airway’s decision to close the New Airways Pension Scheme (NAPS) raises the risk of defined benefit pension liabilities and highlights the problems with a focus on dividend policy, warns Anne-Marie Winton, partner at ARC Pensions Law LLP

Insight / Defined benefit pensions: will superfunds rescue failing schemes?

Anne-Marie Winton, partner at ARC Pensions Law LLP asks whether superfunds mean the end of struggling defined benefit pension schemes plagued by weak employer covenants and considers how they could help UK employers with legacy pension deficits, assuming the UK legal framework could support the concept