AMT Coffee serves up fair tax certification

AMT Coffee, which has 53 outlets across the UK and republic of Ireland, including NHS hospitals and train stations, has become the first national coffee bar chain to secure fair tax certification, awarded by the Fair Tax Mark organisation

The coffee specialist joins other retailers, such as Lush Cosmetics, Richer Sounds and the Co-op, which have committed to paying the right amount of tax in the right place and at the right time as part of the initiative, which was launched in February 2014.

Alistair McCallum-Toppin, a founder and managing director of AMT Coffee, said: ‘Consumers are becoming much more discerning, especially when it comes to the ethics of a company. They want their brands to reflect their own ethical stances. The strength of feeling on companies paying their fair share of tax has really gained momentum over the last few years and the fair tax mark allows us to respond to this overwhelming demand for clarity with our customers.’ 

Paul Monaghan, chief executive of the Fair Tax Mark not-for-profit, said: ‘Many consumers have boycotted the likes of Starbucks, but up until now they have not had the option of supporting a brand with locations nationwide that has independent assurance that it pays the right amount of tax in the right place, at the right time.

‘AMT Coffee do not make use of tax havens or abusive tax avoidance schemes, and would appear to be a natural fit for public sector procurers who want to ensure that taxpayers monies actively support tax justice.’

As part of the certification, Fair Tax Mark said AMT Coffee has provided additional clarifications on its economic activity and taxes in the UK and the republic of Ireland. The company’s accounts provide detailed current tax and total tax reconciliations, as well as a narrative deferred tax explanation.

There is a list of more than 1,500 shops and offices of Fair Tax Mark accredited organisations.

Report by Pat Sweet

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