Accountants work longer hours than lawyers

Accountants are working longer hours than two years ago but still have a better worklife balance and are more loyal than other professions, according to a survey by Robert Walters.

The survey found that 26% of accountants work more than 50 hours per week, compared to 20% in 2011, although the average length of the working week for the profession is 44.3 hours. This is lower than lawyers (45.9) and marketers (45.6).

It may partly explain why accountants tend to stay with employers for longer periods. Some 59% of finance professionals say they should stay with each business for at least three years, with fewer marketers (43%), risk specialists (45%), HR professionals (48%) and compliance experts (48%) believing they should stay in each role this long.

Andrew Setchell, director of accountancy recruitment at Robert Walters, said: 'The fact that working hours have increased over the two years highlights how finance teams are being placed under greater strain and workloads are rising.

'The fact that accounting professionals don't like to move around too often is indicative not only of their loyalty to their employers but also of their preference to seek career progression internally.

'This is primarily because finance specialists - whether part or fully-qualified - like to make valuable long-term contributions over a sustained period of time and value consistency, stability and longevity on their CVs.'

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