Accountants and firms count on friends at work

The majority of accountants view work colleagues as friends and rely on them for personal and professional support, according to research from CV-Library which suggests there are also benefits to employers from a friendly workplace

The online jobs board surveyed 1,200 professionals to explore how much UK workers value friendships in the workplace and found 62% of accountants consider their co-workers to be their friends.

Moreover, 90% of accounting professionals believe it is important to get on with colleagues – most commonly so they could help with workloads, cited by 54%, but also because they make work more fun (43%) and provide support through bad times (41%).  In addition, 41% also believe fellow workers are a source of inspiration.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library said: ‘We spend a lot of time at work, and as such, a friendly working environment is important. As an employer, it’s vital that you create a good company culture and this should sit at the top of your priority list.

‘Doing so is beneficial for both your staff and your business and can have a number of positive effects on your workplace; from increasing productivity to ensuring staff work well as a team.’

Getting on for half (42%) of accounting professionals said being friendly with colleagues helped teams work better together. The study also found that the majority (77%) of accountants believe their work relationships have had a positive impact on their personal life, with 50% claiming that they have distracted them from their problems or have helped them through problems (30%).

Biggins said: ‘While it’s understandable that you don’t want your employees gossiping all day, positive relationships are important for improved teamwork and cooperation around the office. What’s more, your employees can help one and another through difficult times.

‘In this case, try to strike a balance: you can arrange social events after hours for staff to get to know one another and blow off some steam outside of work. After all, when employees spend every day together, it’s essential that there’s no negativity or bad feelings – these could impact productivity and morale.’

Report by Pat Sweet

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