23% of accounting firms allow pets in the office

One in five accounting firms now allow employees to bring pets into the office despite 22% of workers complaining about the pet friendly policy, with more women than men believing that having a pet at work helps reduce stress, according to CV-Library

When it comes to accountancy workplaces, 23% of firms allow pets in the office, with 7% claiming that while it is allowed, nobody does it. Additionally, 100% of the accountants surveyed claim to be dog lovers and four in 10 believe that pets ease stress and help them to relax during the working day.

Nearly half of women (46%) find that having pets at work relaxes them compared to 29% of men.

The research also found that 40% of men accuse pets of being a distraction, in contrast to 30% of women, and one-fifth of men (19%) go as far to call pets annoying.

In London, 27% of workers admitting to having pets in the office with the South East (24%), Wales (22%) and Northern Ireland (22%) following close behind. The East Midlands and the North East are the leaset keen about workplace pets, with 91% and 87% of workplaces saying no.

In general, nearly half of workers would like to see more workplaces allowing pets with 28% suggesting they would be more likely to apply for a job if they had pets in their place of work.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library said: ‘With one in two households owning a pet in the UK, it’s clear to see the attraction and convenience of bringing them with you to work.

‘Our new research shines a light on the latest HR trend that many businesses are implementing to stand out from the crowd and attract the very best recruits. It seems to be working, with women being more favorable to the trend. As long as clear protocols are in place for pet ownership, it is set to have a positive benefit to employees and those around them.’

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